Music keeps me young

Friday, 21st February 2014 - Misha Ulrich

I might be in a minority group of people who genuinely loves Christmas Carols. But I do. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling at that time of year when all those repetitive jingles are heard everywhere. But most of all, I feel nostalgic. Memories that are saved for only that time of year reappear. You see, Christmas Carols, some more than others, remind me of when I was a young kid; when my parents were still together and happy; when I was still too ignorant to realize that life would one day be challenging; when everything was easy and fun. Maybe I’m not a young, ignorant kid anymore, and my parents are not together and happy anymore, and my life is filled with responsibilities and challenges. But I still get to feel that bliss once a year. And it is thanks to those silly, cheesy Christmas Carols.

girls dancing on bridge It is a similar story with other songs. Pop songs, by nature, have a tendency to come hard, be the hottest tune of the moment and go out without a sound as another new pop song monopolizes the radio, clubs, bars, and personal speakers. But some of those easily loved, easily forgotten songs remind me of the some the best times of my life. When I was 22, I lived in Seoul, South Korea for 5 months studying abroad. Those were easily some of the best months of my life. I met amazing people, I partied like I never imagined possible, and I made unforgettable memories. While those memories are, as said, unforgettable, most of them occurred to the backdrop of music. And it is thanks to that music that, when I hear those songs, not only do I think of those memories and good times, but I can feel as I did when they were happening. Thanks to music, I will always be able to live those feelings and memories.

Images: Hermes Pichon