How music makes you feel better

Saturday, 15th February 2014

When you’re down and in trouble and you need some love and care, there's music.

There's nothing better than turning on your favorite song and singing along. Stuck in traffic, or pedalling your bike to the office, a long day is waiting for you. Daunting, threatening to pose so much weight on your shoulders. But right now it's just you and your music, and nothing else matters. Music will never let you down. It’s always there, at the tip of your fingers, ready to make your romantic scenes better; your meditative moments more relaxing; your victories epic; your gym quests achievable.

Music can inspire you. Need some pep-talk, looking for that final surge of motivation? Listen to “We Will Rock You”; suddenly you’ll feel all powerful, unbeatable and unstoppable. How about some romancing? Pop out some slow, sensual tunes preferably sung with a deep-throated, French-accent. We all know it; music’s got the fever and it’s got the cure. It is the ultimate instrument of celebration, relaxation, grieving, and wooing. After all, that's how we know we’re in love: all the songs make sense.

Music is a miraculous healer too. Imagine just suffering a rejection. Is there a better way to chase the sudden insecurity away than by singing a couple of bars of “I Will Survive”? Suddenly you are yourself again, you are in control and you know exactly what you want and what you deserve – so, go! Walk out that door!

Or, if that doesn’t work, turn to side B: just give in. Dive into that deep blue sea of sorrow, because we all know: everybody hurts sometimes. Sometimes there is no way, sometimes a heart breaks and doesn’t mend for a long time and it’s impossible to move on; sometimes it's incurable, untreatable, unforgivable. Yes, but luckily, you can always find that tune that will make you feel just a tiny bit better. Luckily, someone - a creative genius! a poet! - has been down that road before and wrote this gorgeous, lyrical song about it. A poem that speaks to you and when you’re lying on the bottom of the bottoms suddenly leaves you with a glimpse of hope: there is good in this world.

Images: Hermes Pichon